Welcome to BushLife

BushLife is a project that aims to restore several of the grasslands rich in trees and bushes that is includen in EU network for nature conservation, Natura 2000. Pastures that are enchroached will be more open and we will clear around old trees with the purpose to reach favourable conservationstatus.

Main focus in the project is both to improve the life span of old trees and the species connected to these trees and create a variable Environment with herbs and bushes. These are naturally very species rich habitats. For example might an old oak in a paster host up to 500 other species. But many of these trees suffer from encroachment with younger trees and bushes growing through the canopy. By clearing around the trees we improve the life span for all the species.
Simiultaneously we have replacment trees for the occation that the old ones die. This we perform by planting new ones and by veteranisation of younger trees.
Some of the pastures included in the project suffers from heavy encroachment by bushes, juniper for example. To make space for herbs and grass we are going to clear part of the encroachment to create more variable grasslands and thereby make it possible for a higher biodiversity.